Who we are

We are an experienced team of strategists, designers and software developers.

Based in Cornwall, UK, Made Open was set up by Kathryn and Robert Woolf in 2001 to establish a practical company that designs real solutions to social challenges.

This vision has taken our business on many adventures. We have worked with a number of innovative businesses, charities, local authorities and government agencies who are committed to creating better futures for, and with, communities. Today, we focus our work around three areas:

  • To help organisations design, refine and improve services.
  • To unite people in communities through technology.
  • To enable people and organisations to collaborate across traditional boundaries.

We are a business with family values

Our team members enjoy a fantastic work life balance from our head office in Cornwall. We are also fast creating a global community of good people from organisations who share our ethos for a more sustainable and ‘civil’ society. Please feel free to visit our member stream and connect with anyone in the spirit of learning and co-production.

We are a social business

We strive to balance purpose with profit and are currently undertaking a raft of measures to help us achieve this goal. Our mission over the next few years is to become a ‘go-to’ resource for communities who are focused on practical solutions.

We are a sustainable business

People are often surprised to hear that our platform is largely self-funded. We do seek the occasional grant to support our developments but largely we sustain our platform through revenues generated. Being sustainable makes us credible when helping you to achieve the same.

Design and technology for social good

Our goal is to design services that make a difference to people's lives, and we welcome contact from any person, prospective partner or organisation with similar goals. Please do get in touch and enjoy browsing our website.

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Robert Woolf

Director of Made Open

Based in Cornwall, Made Open was founded by myself and my wife Kathryn to find sustainable...

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