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2018 impact

Blog by Robert Woolf : 22nd March 2019

As the old proverb goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I'm under no illusion that the success of our latest platform will be if people use it.


Launching Hexitime

News : 26th February 2019

Q members have been asking for ways to contribute to their networks, their organisations and the quality improvement community.

Come and join our clients at the Health Foundation to test their brand new timebanking platform - Hexitime. This event is being held in Covent Garden on the 4th April.

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Support from Transform Ageing

News : 28th November 2018

We are one of 17 social ventures to receive support from UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs, to become a Transform Ageing social venture.


Parents 1st

Did you know : 4th October 2018

Today we facilitated a second workshop for Parents 1st to define the sustainability of an open source strategy and platform. This follows a 'theory of change' workshop that we also facilitated earlier in the year.

That particular workshop explored the viability of an open source model as a means for Parents 1st to increase the reach and impact of their organisation, and contributed to them being awarded a sizable grant to develop a unique open access platform. This will be launched in September 2019.


South West Digital Award for Cornwall Link

News : 27th September 2018

Age UK Cornwall wins the award for “Best use of digital by a charity” at the South West Digital awards.


Introducing the Design Out Drowning design briefs

News : 16th August 2018

If you believe in the art of doing, experimenting and exploring new ways of thinking, please help us to design out drowning.


Cornwall Link launches the 'online guided conversation'

News : 13th June 2018

Funded by Age UK Cornwall and co-designed with volunteers, partners and staff; this online 'person-centred' questionnaire generates suggestions of relevant social activities and support based on an individual’s preferences, health, lifestyle and environment.


Appointed to Design Out Drowning with the RNLI

News : 6th June 2018

We have been appointed by the RNLI to lead an innovation programme in Cornwall and Devon.

'Design Out Drowning’ aims to explore new solutions to reduce the number of people that drown in the UK and Republic of Ireland, whilst creating social value for the communities involved.


EPIC fund to enable social prescribing

News : 1st June 2018

As part of the Creative England funded programme, we will be repurposing our community platform to extend the benefits of social prescribing.


National Learning Disability and Autism Awards finalist

News : 29th May 2018

Camphill Village Trust has been nominated as a finalist in the National Learning Disability and Autism Awards for their development of CVT Connect.

The awards celebrate organisations who work to ensure people with learning disabilities and autism can access clear information and are able to contribute their views and experiences.


The Autism Strategy for Cornwall

Did you know : 12th May 2018

Under the stewardship and art direction of young people, we co-produced three films for Cornwall Council describing what changes are happening in health services.


One Croydon

Did you know : 16th March 2018

We created the One Croydon logo. The mark respresents the iconic Crocus - a flower synomamus with Croydon. Within the flower the stamen represents people who are connected and working together.

One Croydon brings together providers of Health and Care services in Croydon to create a seamless health and care experience for the people living and working in Croydon.


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